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GR Garage MASTER ONE 東名川崎

September 20th (Sun)-22th (Holiday)

【✨ parts trial experience fair 🏎】

Hello everyone (^^ This weekend we will be holding a ′′ parts trial experience fair ′′ that will experience the performance of the topic parts in the customer's car. 🙌 ′′ I was worried about it, but 🤔 "" a plan that was born from a customer's voice, such as ′′ the staff's words are pranks 😓 "" So put on your car and test driving.

Let's experience the performance change ❕

This time it's Solenoid ′′ and ′′ sensitivity max ′′ We have limited automotive models and products that can be installed, so please make a reservation 😊 we look forward to your reservation 💛

#クァンタムソレノイド #感度MAX #体感フェア