Quantum Solenoid has been made aware that our customers are exploiting 😡 the unlocked performance potential of their engines and we would like to reiterate that we DO NOT condone any violation of traffic laws. 🚨We kindly request that customers stop sharing stories like these with us 😞.



“I raced a FR-S tonight! 😬 From the line, I was able to take him and pass him easily reaching almost 80 mph without trouble 😂. When we slowed down, the FR-S driver looked at me as if he was asking, “What the hell did you do to your car?” It’s crazy that my car is this much fun to drive. My car is a complete BEAST 😈 now!”

-2018 Toyota C-HR


“On my last drive to Vegas, I raced a Porsche 911. I accidentally cut him off twice 😜 because the car is so smooth and I didn’t see how fast I was going. The car just goes with a light tap of the gas from 90 to 120 mph 😳. It was the most fun I had driving my car in the 5 years I’ve owned the car! 🥰 Thank you Quantum Solenoid!” 🙇🏻‍♂️

-2015 Lexus RC350


“Oh man… I beat a Challenger tonight and it was easy 💪🏻! When the light turned green 🚦, both of us gunned it, and by about 25mph, I was already quarter car length ahead, and by 65mph, he was in my rear view mirror 👍🏻. This little thing (Quantum Solenoid) is the real deal!”

-2018 Lexus IS300


“The car no longer has the throttle and engine lag that it used to have 🤗. I can go from a dead stop to 120 mph without any lag and the car keeps wanting to go faster 😎. When Quantum Solenoid said it would unlock my engine, I was not too sure, but damn, it works!” 😆

-2008 Lexus GS350


“The car seems to have a lot more power now. One night, at the freeway entrance, I stopped and floored the gas pedal. The car hit redline in first, second and third, and I was already close to or over 100 mph 🤯, I don’t remember 😂 because I was trying to watch out for cops 🚨. This is unreal.”

-2005 Acura TSX


“I spun my tires in first, chirped my tires in second, and if I was able to shift into third correctly, I would have chirped my tires in third 🤨. I found out later that my clutch pedal mount was cracked 😓 and that’s why I had trouble shifting into third. I can definitely feel more power in VTEC! 👍🏻 This little thing (Quantum Solenoid) doesn’t make sense… 🤔

-2007 Civic Si 



We would like to remind our customers once again that Quantum Solenoid DOES NOT encourage or condone any violation of traffic laws 🚓. We encourage our customers to drive within the set speed limits ⛔️🛑 always being mindful of their surroundings 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, especially after installing Quantum Solenoid. 🙇🏻‍♂️🙏🏻


“ils doivent envisager qu’une grande responsabilité est la suite inseparable d’un grand pouvoir.”

-French National Convention 1793


“Where there is great power there is great responsibility.”

-Winston Churchill, 1906


“…with great power there must also come… great responsibility!”

-Uncle Ben, Spiderman