Featured Car - June

Henry's Red Toyota Prius

Henry has a long history of modifying his cars to the extreme.

His most famous car is his Nissan 240SX that he drove around Southern California for many years.

He has now set his sites on a Toyota Prius to show the community what can be done!

He is one of the first to install the Quantum Solenoid, and he raves about how it has improved his acceleration and just overall driving fun.


Featured Car - July

Tommy's GR Sport Blue Prius V

Tommy has tastefully modified his Prius V with the entire Gazoo Racing Sport kit. He has opted for the more understated OEM look which turns heads nonetheless.

Tommy is not new to the modification scene, and he has tastefully modified his car to be a sleeper that only catches the eyes of the people who know.

Tommy's take on the Quantum Solenoid, as he says, "Nothing short of amazing! I would have never thought that changing out one component could make driving so much more enjoyable!"