🚨We are now proud to introduce QUANTUM TRACK!🚨


Quantum Track is all about POWER; fuel efficiency was sacrificed in pursuit of more power. 🙄


As we stated before, we are MODDERS FIRST. 🏎


When we introduced the original Quantum Solenoid, we were pretty sure that we could improve upon what we had on our hands. We went to work right away and have been innovating and improving our revolutionary product. 🤗


Countless hours were spent testing with US vehicles over the last 2 years and we can confidently say we were able to further improve the throttle response and the power output.


When we were sure that we had made gains without causing any issues, we were able to then test them in our test cars. After having these test vehicles run the units for over a month having them go throughout the entire rev range and different temperature and road conditions, we were ready to offer them our customers.


This was the origination of our QS2; one and a half years of research and testing evolved to a product that improved upon something revolutionary.


With QS2, we were able to decrease the weight of the spool by using titanium alloy (reducing a few grams) allowing us to reduce the size of our electromagnetic motor and while still increasing the performance output. 🤓


QS2 is able to increase the throttle response and put the power increase down faster to the ground, giving the car the ability to accelerate faster while still maintaining some fuel efficiency. 🤨


We did not stop there, though. We know there are driving enthusiasts that want more power and a greater improvement in feel, and so we set out to improve the QS2. 😉


The research and development of the QS2 gave us a wealth of knowledge. 🤔 While researching and developing the QS2, we had a few test samples that were less fuel efficient but gave us faster revs, even more improved throttle response, and more top end power. We wanted to push the envelope a little further to cater to the needs of the more hardcore car enthusiasts. 🤤


Over 2 years of research and development makes it possible for us to introduce QUANTUM TRACK to our customers.


Every customer comes back from a test drive with a bigger grin on their face. 😁


Here is simple breakdown of each generation of the Quantum Solenoid.


 Original Quantum Solenoid 🚅

                This unit is for customers seeking fuel efficiency with a noticeable improvement in power and throttle response. We recommend this unit for customers that do not drive fast, but need a little more merging speed on the freeway.


 QS2 🛩

                This unit is for customers that want a little more power with a slight decrease in fuel efficiency. If you are looking for the middle ground or the balance of power and fuel efficiency, this one is for you. Customers who occasionally drive spirited will be more than happy with this evolution. 


Quantum Track 🚀

                This unit is for the HARDCORE DRIVER. You want power and tend to drive fast most of the time then this is the one for you. If you enjoy driving, you want your car to react faster with your throttle input and you can forgo fuel efficiency in pursuit of power and more driving enjoyment, you need this. 


With our latest evolutionary release, we now believe that we can be more inclusive to a wider range of our customers. Let us know if you have any questions and always remember: DRIVE SAFELY! 🙏🏻


If you would like to read more about the technical explanation of how our product works, please read "WHAT? HOW? WHY?"